Thursday, December 31, 2009

Special New Year Session!

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to take a second to wish everyone the best for the upcoming year, and to announce to my players that this Sunday's Mutant Future session will be a special session: everyone will play a member of the Mice of the Round Table in a playtest of the Mice in Mech Suit rules that I have been writing.  This will (hopefully) not take up the whole session; the Kingdom of the Pure was recently invaded by the Dog Boys, and I want to resolve this incursion by having the party get to fight as the mice against the invaders.  If the mice are victorious, the party will have a safe haven to retreat to and powerful allies to recruit to their cause.  This should be ample motivation as they are very low on HP and are between a rock and a hard place; pursued by the Knights of Genetic Purity, low on HP, with more Dog Boys above them and an alien dragon of unknown power lurking at the other end of the tunnel behind them.

I will see you guys next year!

Thanks for reading my blog, 2009 has been a great RPG year for me and writing this blog has been a very rewarding experience.


  1. Great idea! The player's actions get to decide if their potential allies make it...or not!

  2. Were not exactly low on HP rok has over 300! and I din't take any significant damage last round ( thank you force field) in fact I think it's just bark and beyonce and IM assuming brent and mikes new characters as well as Dataan will be full or in Dataans case at least not low

  3. @ James - Mike may not have to make a new character as his positronic brain survived - if you guys succeed while playing the mice and beat back the invasion of the Dog Boys, then the mice could probably hook Mike up with a new robot body to put his mind into. He wouldn't have four arms anymore, but thems the breaks!

  4. I hadn't thought about the robot body amgle from the Mice men but I guarantee Mike has lol, I know he did make another character J.I.C. though



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