Monday, June 20, 2011

The End (for now)

After a glorious run of either 54 or 55 sessions (I found a scrap of paper that would appear to be the experience awards for a forgotten "true" first session which would make the numbering I have used all along on this blog off by one) I have decided to cancel my biweekly Mutant Future game.

This is not the end of this blog; I actually hope to resume my 2e Tuesday posts in the near future and I have a TON of material that I generated for the game that I can post now as well!

Incidentally, this also marks the official end of my developing a supplement compatible with Mutant Future that I had hoped to self publish someday.  I had fun making a "fantasy genre" character creation bolt-on for Mutant Future, but it really just whet my appetite to make my own complete game (which I am doing).  Honestly, the play test that I conducted (14 sessions with all new characters rolled up using the Fantasy Quirks rules playing side by side with the surviving Mutant Future characters) was a success.  The new characters with fantasy quirks held their own with but did not overshadow the old characters with mutations.  The magic system worked pretty well in my opinion, and that is considerably more than I say about any published edition of D&D to date.

 I am going to leave the free text version of Fantasy Quirks up forever, all the OGL crap is filled in and correct and the entire thing is open game content.  I was actually quite pleased with the devilish pacts (one way to gain magical powers in Fantasy Quirks is to make a pact with a specific devil, based on "real life" devils drawn from the Goetia - I presented a version of this adapted to D&D on my other blog).  I feel good about adding some more open game content into the great Internet soup.  I hope that somebody will find something of use in it.

I am still DMing my other game and playing in my friend Carter's awesome campaign.  And like I said, I'm not giving up on this blog.

Carry on!


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