Saturday, August 15, 2009

Alien Technology

The Oozyxphg (or "Oozies" as the people of Earth came to call them) are the alien race that sparked the apocalyptic events in my Mutant Future campaign. A telepathic race, they are not a true hive-mind as each individual Oozy has a unique personality. They can, however, communicate thoughts across vast distances (certainly across the circumference of the Earth), and this tends to make their decision making process much more communal than a non-telepathic race.

Oozies are physically weak; a typical specimen has 1d4 HD, AC:9, and 2 attacks for 1d4 damage with their mouths. Of course, they are seldom found outside of their robotic suits, especially on Earth. These suits give them a considerable combat advantage, coming equipped with a high powered laser, mini-rocket launcher, on board mini-robots (spiderbots) that have a plethora of sensory equipment and can assist in aiming both the laser and missiles by locking on to a target's position, and a force-field generator.
This last piece of technology is typical Oozyxphgian manufacture - almost all of their truly impressive technology is biological in nature, the result of their extensive genetic manipulations. They grow vast colonies of engineered tissue capable of various pseudo-psionic abilities, and insert these colonies into their armored devices and vehicles. The tissue is what generates the force-field, and a different tissue is what opens the wormholes that allow the Oozies to travel across the universe in an instant. This wormhole opening ability also enables the tissue cultures to live indefinitely in a contained environment - the tissue opens up a small wormhole in its center to an area of rich nutrients and abundant sunlight and obtains all of its sustenance from this source. Oozyxphgian "computers" are also biological matrices, single-celled colonies that share a telepathic link and together have incredibly fast processing capabilities. All of this pales in comparison to their crowning achievement, the vast living ships that house the Oozies in comfort. These ships, as previously mentioned, look like giant cuttlefish and are a living construct assembled from several different psychically active tissues which serve as propulsion, field-generators, computers and which open small wormholes to the home world bringing in the thick, gaseous atmosphere which the Oozies need to exist outside of their suits.


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