Saturday, December 19, 2009

RPG Bookshelf

I spent a portion of today assembling a bookshelf and moving my sprawling collection of RPG books from the various piles and shelves that it has been occupying onto the new bookshelf.  Whew!  Quite an undertaking, especially considering it prompted me to do a thorough cleaning and rearranging of my music/game room, which, as my betrothed could tell you, was long overdue.  This project has inspired me to do a series of posts about some of the interesting RPG books that I have been using as inspiration for my Mutant Future campaign, from GURPS books about robots and hi-tech equipment to FASA Battletech, TSR's Amazing Engine worldbooks and Palladium's Rifts books.  I will be posting the first installment of this new series of posts tomorrow, starting with the Rifts Lone Star World Book which will be featuring heavily in my campaign once the players finally figure out how to get past the alien "dragon" that they accidentally set free in the hangar level and get around to dealing with Julius Corple.

As I am pretty proud of my efforts today, here is some photographic documentation of my achievements.The whole bookshelf, tucked in next to the piano and behind the bass and electric guitar hanging on the wall (covered up in this picture by a duct-tape mask and vest):

The top shelf:  Piled on top of the bookshelf are folders and notebooks with my game notes, a bag of dice, a box full of minis and another bag full of minis.  On the top shelf are AD&D 1e books, OD&D and B/X (in the big white binder), Empire of the Petal Throne rulebooks (also in the big white binder), Companion set D&D, Holmes Boxed Set, Labyrinth Lord, more assorted notebooks with my game notes, Mutant Future, Gamma World 1e and 2e rulebooks, Carcosa, Green Devil Face and Grinding Gear, and a bunch of Palladium books that didn't fit with the other non-D&D books on the bottom shelf:

The 2d shelf: AD&D 2e rulebooks (looseleaf Monstrous Compendiums in the blue binder), Dragonlance the 5th Age, and Dungeons and Dragons 4e books (yeah, yeah I know...):

The 3rd shelf:  AD&D 2e boxed sets (Night Below and Castles Forlorn are missing the tops to their boxes and are the unmarked boxes on the upper left), my collection of DM's screens from all editions and a BUNCH of Forgotten Realms stuff (I ended up with two Ruins of Undermountain boxed sets because I thought my old one was stolen from my parents basement and bought another on ebay, only to have the original turn up later):

The 4th shelf: Dungeons and Dragons 3e/Pathfinder/d20 books:

The bottom shelf:  Dragon and Dungeon Magazines (and the odd White Dwarf), adventure modules from all editions and a big stack of non-D&D books (GURPS, Bond 007, Amazing Engine, TORG, Mutazoids (!), Ars Magica, Shadowrun and bunch more):

As you can see, I don't have a lot of room to expand.  I am going to need another new bookshelf soon if the used bookstores in the area keep coming up with so many cheap scores that I obviously can not walk away from!


  1. Wow, you are a true gamer at heart. What a horde you've got.

  2. Mutazoids 1st edition (2d6) or Second edition (d20)? ;) :D

  3. Mutazoids 1st edition! With a GM screen! That game is hilarious, I am going to feature its mutant generation system in a future post, it really results in some crazy looking... mutazoids, for lack of a better word.



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