Sunday, November 8, 2009

Amazing Blown Glass Monster

I think this is a candidate for the "coolest monster ever" award.  Local artist and glass blower Hamm crafted it out of one piece of blown glass, with the exception of the tongue, white teeth, and eyeballs, which were added in separately.  I commissioned this piece as a birthday present for my girlfriend a few years ago, and I just told Hamm to "create some kind of cool monster" and left it up to him.  I am sure it was a welcome break from all the requests for custom pipes that he normally gets!

I have been waiting for a chance to sick this bad boy on my players, and I have a feeling that they may run into it very soon if they follow the course of action that they have been discussing.  Game statistics will have to wait until they actually run into it.  If anyone wants to stat this thing up for other systems besides Mutant Future, be my guest and feel free to use these images (please give a credit or link to my blog if you do so).

Nameless Alien Creature:


  1. Looks like something from the Brian Lumley "Necroscope" series. A Flyer or Warbeast or something.

  2. The party has finally seen this thing, known as "Alien X", and while they haven't fought it they did watch it tear apart a squadron of Warangutans like nobody's business. That thing is about 120' from snout to the tip of its tail, and its toungue can stretch out another 100'.

  3. The party has released one of these from the device that was allowing Julius Corple's terminator bots to control it, and it is currently trapped in the hangar level of the military complex.

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