Monday, November 9, 2009

Robot (homo)Sexuality

Random tables for harlots and bust size speak to the long history of PCs seeking sexual satisfaction in RPGs.  The latest example of this occurred last night as Dataan the robot tried to persuade his five newly acquired slave boys to sample his sweet, intoxicating robot man-love.  This is interesting to me in several respects - first, I believe Dataan represents the first openly gay PC in any of my campaigns, and frankly, I am a little surprised it has taken 17 years of DMing to get to this point.  I mean, it is 2000 frickin' 9, you would think that barrier would have been broken by now.  Second, I am a little taken aback by the concept of robot sexuality in general.  I don't know why, but the concept of a robot with a libido is a little disturbing to me.  Somehow, it seems like that sort of thing would be left out of the basic programming, but perhaps it is a necessary consequence of self awareness?  I will have to think about this further.  Thirdly, the mechanical aspects of robot sex are far from clear cut.  It is unclear which of the requisite tools Dataan actually possesses- we know he has a mouth (which he consistently puts to brash use over the loudspeaker of the Swamp Orca) and hands, but what other equipment is this former data entry bot packing?  As I learn more, I will probably post it here - hopefully I do not have to change my blog's G-rating!


  1. Score! I got "robot sex" added to the labels keywords!

  2. I don't know why, but suddenly I have the craving to have a "rape bot" running around my Starship Warden. A former android sexbot stuck on "service" mode? Not just humans and mutants, but other bots, vending machines, and fax machines? Nothing is immune to his programmed robo-lust.

  3. interestingly, when the PCs encountered a (still functioning) female pleasure bot, they completely ignored her and left her on the rotating bed where they found her.

    I am pretty sure that a lot of my players would respond quite well to a "rape bot". I think you are on a similar wavelength to Dataan's player here.

  4. Hahaa. I was just going to say, Dataan MUST be Carter's character...

  5. Woot! nice pic of the Sperminators



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