Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mice in Mech Suits

Here are the Mice in Mech Suits mech combat rules; this is a public beta playtest, if you download these and use them, please give me feeback!  These rules work much better for at least two on two combats, and I have ran them with up to 16 total combatants.  This is a stand alone game, and it pretty much ignores the mech pilots (who are mutated mice from the Mutant Future!).

One cool thing about these rules is that the Mechs are roughly human sized, so they could easily be used as robotic adversaries for Mutant Future or any other edition of D&D, really.  They are not so overpowered as to completely unbalance a normal game if they are introduced.  For Mutant Future, small mutant animals or mutants with the Density Alteration, Self mutation could easily pilot them.  The To Hit chart in the stand alone rules section is basically the to hit probabilities of a 5th level Mutant Future character, so you could adjust those numbers if you want the mech to be a more ferocious combatant.

In my campaign, the players have finally convinced King Arthur and the Mice of the Round Table to help in their cause, so a contingent of these mechs will join them if requested to sortie against the Knights of Genetic Purity or Julius Corple and his henchmen.  This definitely gives the party some sorely needed muscle, because up till now, they have been running around like chickens with their heads cut off!


  1. I think we are more like the rag tag munch of misfit mutants who have defeated not one, but several different factions of dangerous hostile warriors, usually while outnumbered, with mostly our creativity and a little bit of luck. Also we were able to install a leader into the top position of a powerful intelligent militaristic culture, while nuking the opposition. And we have managed to survive some of the most terrifying creatures ever conceived and often come out better off for it. Not bad for a headless buncha chickens :)

  2. You have indeed done a lot for a bunch of headless chickens!

    Of course, you have not only NOT defeated any of the major power players in the valley, but you have managed to stir up a hornets nest (or I should really say Bark managed to...) by turning the regular citizens of Spanky Butt against the mutant cause, thereby strengthening the position of the Knights of Genetic Purity considerably.

    And while it really isn't the party's fault per se that I had Julius Corple turn into a mutant version of Dr. Frankenstein after he was rescued, if the party had never poked their head into that military complex he certainly wouldn't be the threat he is today!

    And that doesn't even count the Coy Pu Treant Riders that may or may not be hunting you guys down for what you did to the Dark Mother!

  3. Still, you guys have accomplished a lot, and getting both the Mice of the Round Table and the surviving mutated War Chimps on your side was a major coup.

  4. Perhaps, However I think nuking something and all the espionage @ the Inturnehtz Festival was my favorite so far, Kicking warangutan ass was cool too, no we haven't assassinated anyone yet but we are a thorn in the side of almost everyone! and most of them have no idea who we are or how many we are, that's kind of cool. as far as Julius I think he may be of use to us yet, and maybe letting him out could be the best thing we have done, depends on if my devious plans come to pass Mwahahahahahahaha



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