Monday, November 30, 2015

MFL Mutant Football League

The priesthood of the Beast operates The League, an outgrowth of the old National Football League.  Each sect of the priesthood controls a team, recruiting and training players to participate in the spectacle.  The field has been doubled in dimensions and each player rides a death chariot pulled by a small wyrmling.  The rules are complex and changed often, but one constant is that sacrificial victims are released at the line of scrimmage before each down.  The offense tries to hurl or carry victims into the defense's end zone to sacrifice them there while the defense attempts to decapitate the victims before they reach the end zone.  If a decapitation results in the head flying into the offense's end zone, a safety results and the defense scores two points.  Under certain circumstances it is allowed to knock members of the opposing team from their death chariots (different rules apply here for offensive and defensive players).  Any player down on the field is fair game for decapitation.  The games are refereed by a special sect of the priesthood that does not control a team.  New punishments for rules violations are an expected part of the thrill of the league.  

Every Sunday the League games are played from sunup to sundown and viewership is mandatory for all who bear the Mark of the Beast.


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