Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Character Generation

I have it on good authority that yet another new player will be at the game this Friday.  While he will be shepherded through the character generation process by several of the other players well before the game begins, I thought this was a good time to post the few houserules I made to the standard Mutant Future character generation.

Ability Scores:

  • Roll 3d6 six times and write them down in order, but you can switch any one pair of ability scores.  I primarily did this because your starting constitution score determines your hit points, and in a game without magical healing and with a very slim chance that your HP will increase as you level up, I wanted to allow someone who rolled that 4 in constitution to switch it out for something else if they desired.  
  • Hopeless Characters:  If not a single score grants a bonus and several scores are very low, I will allow you to reroll all six abilities down the line again.  I leave this up to the player's discretion.  You do not have to take this option, and I realize that this may not be very old school, but I want everyone to have a good time.  


  • Roll mutations randomly, but if you end up with more drawbacks than beneficial mutations you have the option of re-rolling ALL of your mutations.  Again, you do not have to take this option.  
Other than that, I go by the book.  All races are fair game and starting gold and equipment should be figured as normal.

EDIT (12/22/10):

Starting players in my campaign can choose to roll up a character using my Fantasy Quirks character creation supplement for Mutant Future. 

Go get 'em!

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