Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome to my post-apocalyptic fantasy!

First things first - an introduction is in order. My name is Carl Nash, pleased to make your virtual acquaintance.

I intend this blog to be a place where I can post snippets of my future Earth, eventually resulting in a more or less complete picture of the particular post-apocalyptic setting I have been creating for my Mutant Future campaign. I will be posting new mutant creatures, robots, random tables for ruin exploration, and my house rules. If you are not already familiar with Mutant Future, let me start by saying that...

Mutant Future Kicks Ass!

And more calmly:
Mutant Future is a retro-clone emulating TSR's old Gamma World game, using the Labyrinth Lord rules that are an emulation of the B/X Dungeons and Dragons rules. The game takes place in the future, after the collapse of society in some sort of apocalyptic event. The ruins and technology of the ancients take the place of the dungeons and magic in your garden variety D&D. In this game, the players can be pure strain humans, mutant humans, mutant animals and even mutant plants. All mutant characters roll for their mutations randomly, and this mechanic creates tremendous variation between characters. There is only one class, but different mutations will enable characters to fulfill different functions in the party.

Mutant Future is published by Goblinoid Games and is available as a free PDF which I highly encourage you to check out. You can also purchase hard copies of the rules from Goblinoid Games store. I posted a lengthier review of the game on lulu, so check that out if you need further convincing of Mutant Future's tubular nature.

Future posts will contain the specifics of my Mutant Future campaign. Before I conclude this introductory post, I would like to say that my players and I have been having more fun with Mutant Future than we have had with any RPG in a long time. In fact, several of my players (with decades of experience playing a wide range of games) have told me that already they have had some of the best single sessions of role-playing that they have ever had. While I will take some of the credit (ever-so-modestly) as a function of my high-level DM skills (by the way, the DM in Mutant Future is the Mutant Lord, but DM is so ingrained in my head that I will probably just continue to use that abbreviation for convenience sake to denote my role as game referee), an equal share of the credit has to go to Ryan Denison and Daniel Proctor for authoring such an amazing game. Thanks guys!

May your mutations always be beneficial -

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