Sunday, March 7, 2010

Android Features (android substitute for mutations)

I just found this cool Mutant Future wiki - there was a blank page called "Android Features" which inspired me to create some.  I encourage everyone to go add stuff to the wiki!  

I will now allow any of my players creating an android to substitute one mutation for a roll on the tables below.

Roll 1d6 - on a result of 1-5, roll on the Industrial and Civilian feature chart below, on a result of 6 roll on the Military feature chart below.

Industrial and Civilian feature chart:  
These android features were commonly installed in industrial and civilian androids - roll 1d4 once and consult the following list:

1.  USB 4.0 - this particular model of android has USB 4.0 compatibility.  USB 4.0 has an extremely high data transfer rate and wireless connectivity to a range of 10d10 feet.  Any high-tech device within this range that is compatible with the USB 4.0 protocol can be accessed remotely provided it is not password protected.  Data can be transferred, devices controlled and tech-rolls can be made at up to this range.  Examples of devices that commonly were compatible with USB 4.0 include most computers made after 2017, smart houses, many televisions, many smart phones and most smart vehicles.  In addition, some androids can remove their positronic brains and, as long as the range of the USB 4.0 is not exceeded, control their brainless bodies remotely. 

2.  Blow Torch - commonly installed on industrial androids.  Roll 1d6 - on a result of 1-5, the blow-torch replaces the left hand.  On a 6, the blowtorch emerges from a compartment in the left arm (the android still has the use of its left hand).  The blowtorch can be used as a melee weapon but its extremely limited reach makes it relatively ineffective.  Attacks with the blow torch are at a -4 penalty to hit - however, they do a healthy chunk of damage if the attack is successful: 4d8 damage.  They can also be used to cut through metal or burn through other substances that are not more than 2" thick.  

3.  Vocal Modulator - the android is capable of perfectly replicating sounds that it has heard through its vocal apparatus.  This ability is not limited to speech, and indeed, the android can hear and reproduce sounds above and below the audible frequency range of human hearing.   

4.  Limited Transformation - the android was designed with movable parts such that it can undergo a limited transformation into one other form, determined at character creation in consultation with the Mutant Lord.  Common forms include vehicles such as motorcycles, pallet lifts or hoverscooters, and furniture items such as chairs or desks.  A common variant is to have only portions of the android's body transform - legs slide open and reveal wheels, or arms extend and hands become clamps, etc. 

Military Android Feature Chart: 
These Android Features were commonly installed on military android models.  Roll 1d4 once and consult the following chart:

1. Laser Guidance System - as long as the android has line of sight to its target, it can emit a laser beam that aids in targeting ranged attacks.  The android gets a bonus of +4 to hit stationary targets and +2 to hit moving targets with ranged attacks.  

2.  Camouflage - the android has special, durable LCD screens mounted on its body that can be used to mimic its surroundings, granting an effective camouflage.  There is a 2 round delay while the surroundings are processed before the camouflage takes effect - when used for camouflage, in all other ways this feature functions like the Chameleon Epidermis mutation.  In addition, these screens can be used to emit light (at the choice of the android, the light can be emitted from its entire body or only certain areas).  This light can illuminate out to 30'. 

3.  Com-Link - the android is equipped with a com-link that enables it to communicate at up to a 1d4 mile range with anyone else who has a com-link, radio tuned to the correct frequency, satellite, or similar piece of technology.  Roll 1d6 - on a result of 1-5, the android has one additional com-link that can be used by any being with ears and on a result of 6 the android has 1d4+1 additional com-links.  Any additional com-links are stored in a small compartment in the androids chest when not in use.  

4.  Rocket Boots - the android has rockets mounted to the bottom of its feet.  It can fly at speeds of up to 1d6 hundred MPH.  While flying at high speeds (over 100 MPH), the android has very poor maneuverability.  This is left to the Mutant Lord to adjudicate.  The android can fly for a total of 6d10 minutes each day (both max speed and total flight time to be rolled once at character creation).  When this total is used up, the android cannot fly again until 24 hours have passed and its energy cells have recharged. 


  1. This is sweet. Consider it Yoinked!

  2. That is so rad, makes Androids an attractive choice to me for the first time

  3. Welcome aboard, MS! Its always good to see new contributors. I made this wiki so fans can consolidate their rules and ideas in one place. I have also been setting up blank pages for folks to add stuff as they please. Its good to see that its paying off!

    – the Administrator

  4. I like thise listing. It also conveniently lines up with my own concepts of Androids in a PA setting.


  5. I've got a list at home with probably thirty "good" parts and a dozen "defects". Came up with it probably two or three years ago... before MF had come out. Now I think I can flesh it out and post it!



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