Saturday, January 30, 2010

d30 table for Savage Afterworld Contest

I made this d30 table for a hoot and a holler and a shot at a killer Radiation Symbol dice cup over at the Savage Afterworld's d30 contest.

I repost it here for posterity:

d30 Scavenging in the Ruins table:

1. Three Headed Rat encountered in Ancient Cereal Box (rat may have up to three mental mutations at Mutant Lord's discretion)

2. Strange Black Ball with window to an everchanging series of ancient characters such as "Reply Hazy, Try Again" and "Signs point to yes"
Subtable: Roll 1d20 - 
1. As I see it, yes
2. It is certain
3. It is decidedly so
4. Most likely
5. Outlook good
6. Signs point to yes
7. Without a doubt
8. Yes
9. Yes - definitely
10. You may rely on it
11. Reply hazy, try again
12. Ask again later
13. Better not tell you now
14. Cannot predict now
15. Concentrate and ask again
16. Don't count on it
17. My reply is no
18. My sources say no
19. Outlook not so good
20. Very doubtful

3. Large (5'x3'x3')White Box with a Silver Handle - pulling the handle opens a door and reveals a compartment filled with deadly green mold, 10d6 damage, save vs. poison for 1/2 damage (ye olde refrigerator trap)

4. Collection of grooved black discs, made of some sort of plastic like substance, with a hole in the middle; each disc is stored in a crumbling paper casing (records).

5. A metal tool with many blades, files and saws as well as pliers(leatherman)

6. A glass bowl with turquoise pebbles and a miniature castle inside of it

7. A collection of small metal figurines, lovingly painted, seemingly portraying various mutant creatures (D&D minis)

8. A velvet sack containing plastic spheres and cubes with varying numbers of sides, each side embossed with an ancient glyph representing a number

9. Three large metal containers, silver sides and copper bottoms, with metal handles on the sides

10. A bin full of small plastic pieces of varying lengths with raised dots along them; on top of each raised dot is the ancient glyph "lego"

11. A large chest with a small padlock securing the clasp (easily broken) - the bottom has a hole in it and an unusually aggressive snake has taken up residence...

12. A textured rubber sphere with the ancient letters "NBA"

13. The world's dullest knife, ornately decorated with a skull on the pommel, resting point first in a block of wood (cheesy letter opener)

14. 1d6+1 cans decorated with a red and white label, containing a red substance (tomato soup)

15. Deer antlers mounted on a wooden plaque

16. A gold statue of a man with a club in his hands, mounted on a wooden base with an inscribed metal plaque

17. A rectangular metal object with a depressible handle - this fires a staple (possibly into the experimenting character!) 1d30 staples in device

18. A circular object with concentric rings painted on it, and several needle-sharp darts stuck into it

19. A plastic column holding a multitude of red, blue and white discs in slots around its edge (poker chips)

20. A metal rack holding a miniature shovel and a metal poker

21. Two fur-lined metal rings attached by a short length of chain (hand-cuffs - may accidentally close one or both hand-cuffs around wrists - key may or may not be present)

22. A flexible plastic rod with a spool of nearly invisible thread attached to it. Nearby is a metal box containing numerous brightly colored doo-dads attached to barbed hooks.

23. A huge book in amazing condition - its pristine cover has the ancient words "Webster's Unabridged Dictionary"

24. A strange device consisting of metal tubes, gears and two rubber discs surrounding spokes (bicycle)

25. A pink statue of a pig with a slit on its back (filled with ancient coins)

26. A box full of miniature, soft cloth bears (a dangerous spider may be lurking amongst the teddy bears)

27. A bright yellow rubber outfit (rain coat and pants)

28. what appears to be a vicious samurai sword (cheap pot metal replica)

29. A red canister with a rubber hose and a pin (fire extinguisher, Mutant Lord's decision if it still has propellant)

30. A paper box with a wood-grain appearance - inside are three little brown books...


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