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Knights of Genetic Purity

I have borrowed quite a few things from Gamma World for my Mutant Future campaign, and the Knights of Genetic Purity are one of those imports.  I originally included them as a somewhat random small encounter for the players; I lifted an encounter out of TSR's Famine in Far-Go module where a group of mounted Knights of Genetic Purity set an ambush near a pile of burning mutant bodies.  The encounter proved to be quite a doozy, involving a long fighting retreat by the players to make it back to a fortified position that they had cleared in the previous session, and it very nearly ended in a TPK.  I sprinkled in plenty of trash talking from the Knights, making it clear that they viewed all mutants as nothing more than dung to be scraped from their boots.

The players had such a strong reaction against the Knights that I realized I had to make them a recurring campaign element.  When the tide of battle turned and two Knights fled into the hills, the party tracked them down and captured them.  The session ended with the party returning the captured Knights to Skinny Butt so that they could be interrogated.

I spent some time between sessions coming up with what the Knights were doing in the area, and the players have been busy foiling their plans ever since.  The following information about the organization of the Knights of Genetic Purity and their plans in the Willing Mate valley was learned by the party when their captives were interrogated by Chab, one of the village Elders and a mutant rattlesnake who truly loved his role as interrogator.

Knights of Genetic Purity

Captured members: Darren Widom, Garr Margon

Symbol:  Red Square, or an unbalanced Scales of Justice


Lay Members:  People that profess agreement with the code of purity but are not active members of the Knights are known as the Redeemed.  The Knights now refer to Spanky Butt as the Redeemed City of Spanky Butt.  The Redeemed can qualify for the militia that is invariably raised in a Redeemed City, and distinguished service will earn a promotion to 1st Sword.  Pure strain humans who do not agree with the code of purity are the unredeemed, but are still held in high regard for their genetic qualities and as the only hope for a mutant-free future.

Actual members:

Swords of Purity (or just Swords):  The Swords of Purity are the rank and file soldiers of the order.  Swords are divided further into three ranks, 1st Sword, 2d Sword and 3rd Sword (the highest rank of Sword).  You get a little sword pin to put on your sleeve for each rank attained.  After 3rd sword you become a
Lance of Purity (or just Lancer):  Each company of Swords is headed by two Lancers, known as the Black Lance (subordinate) and the Red Lance (superior).  They have a color coded lance pin to show their rank, and their fighting lances are likewise color-coded.  A company of swords can be up to 50 men and as few as 10.  These are always known as a Company of the Pure and can be further subdivided in half, each half led by one of the two Lancers, the Black Lance taking the 1st Swords and the Red Lance taking the 2d and 3rd swords.
Senior Lancer: There are four Senior Lancers in Porrit Land, each commanding 2-4 Companies of the Pure.
Holy Flame: The regional commander of the Knights of Genetic Purity, the Holy Flame is in contact with chapters throughout the land.  In addition to this northwest chapter that spans what used to be Oregon, Washington and Idaho, there is a California chapter, a Colorado/four corners chapter, a Southern Chapter, a Minnesota/North Dakota/Michigan/Wisconsin chapter, and an East Coast chapter.

Outside of this military structure are the Chaplains, the evangelical “priests” of the order who fervently spread the word that only through the removal of all mutants (and intelligent mutants are considered to be by far the worst, and the biggest priority) will Lard Jeebus finally restore the world to its former grandeur, rid the planet of the scourge of radiation and see the pure strain humans returned to their rightful place as sole rulers of nature.  The Chaplains elevate particularly inspired members of the Redeemed to the position of Friar, who serve as the Chaplain’s assistants.  Worthy Friars who learn the required rituals can become chaplains in their own right.
One of the reasons the Knights spread so successfully is because the Chaplains oversee a program of education and general civic improvement.  They establish schools, improve sewage and water treatment, teach agricultural techniques like crop rotation and fertilization and have a basic knowledge of the causes of disease, so they sterilize medical equipment and have high success rates in treating basic medical problems.  This is all part of the general program of returning humans to their former elevated position.

What Darren Widom revealed:

Sorath Marogot was the Black Lance, now deceased due to the actions of the party.

Garr Margon is the Red Lance.

What Garr Margon revealed:

The Hierarchy in Porrit Land:
The Holy Flame is Tobias Groman.  The four Senior Lancers are: Dex Tinto , Joran Precore, Ziven Talus and Tenal Kyle.  Dex Tinto is Garr Margon’s immediate superior.

The Hierarchy in Spanky Butt:
 A 3rd Sword named Odium Stair has been left in charge.  If successful he will shortly be promoted to Lancer and will be in charge of creating his own Company of the Pure.  In reality, however, Chaplain Squaldorf is the true leader through sheer charisma and force of will.  He is an indomitable man, 45, balding, broad shouldered and slightly pot bellied.  His piercing blue eyes and ready smile reveal his keen intelligence and quick wit, and his ministry and ministrations (he is an expert surgeon) probably explain why the Knights were so successful, so fast in their mission.
Odium has already promoted 10 militia men to 1st sword and drills them and the militia regularly, to what end no-one is sure.  The Baron is not entirely pleased with this turn of affairs, and still maintains his own guard.  However, he was paid well by the Knights and is willing to let this happen unless it becomes obvious it is no longer in Spanky Butts best interest.

The contents of the papers that were captured with Garr Margon:
A journal of his mission.  Highlights:  Company set upon by a group of mutant beavers along the Willing Mate river after the company killed some juveniles who were out fishing.  Half the company of Knights were killed, the Lancers mounts were destroyed.  They had to use all of their grenades to escape.  Arrived in Spanky Butt, received warmly by Baron Jemmas, who is sympathetic to the cause.  Chaplain Squaldorf has great success rousing the populace to a fever-pitch of excitement.  They visited the Ooh-Oh Monks who again refused to help the Knights.  Were not able to conduct any reconnaissance of the Monks because of their spider-bots and ever present security bots.  Observed the mutant community of Skinny Butt – mix of MH, MA and MP, no real organized security, good defensive position on top of hill.
After firmly establishing the local chapter and segregating the mutant community to one corner of the walled city, establishing a strict curfew and limiting trips outside of the designated zone only for businessmen, they reluctantly accepted the local mounts (giant two-headed Grodogs) for their return journey back to Porrit.  They only rode the mounts after Chaplain Squaldorf reminded them that non-intelligent mutant animals were the least offensive of all mutant-kind, and the greater good of returning safely to Porrit far outweighed the sin of riding mutant animals.

A scroll detailing his mission: Establish the Knights in Spanky Butt.  Persuade the Monks to assist in the quest for the artifact.  To conduct reconnaissance establishing what mutant populations live in the surrounding region and the valley south of Porrit.

A scroll tube, once sealed with a red wax square: it contains a message for the Ooh-Oh monks, a mixture of pleading and threatening language:
“Please reconsider your recent refusal to assist us in our search for the relic of New Clear known only as the Bom. Remember that those who do not stand with us stand against us.  While your knowledge is legendary, no amount of knowledge can turn aside the lances of the Purest of the Pure.
Signed: Tobias Groman, Holy Flame of the Knights of Genetic Purity

A scroll tube sealed with an “O” in gold wax -
Your idle threats do not concern us.  We are masters of the Bones of Ooh and can command the knowledge of the Ancients.  Any action against us would be your last.  Confess your impurities to Intur Netz and let the cool light of his wisdom guide your way.
Signed:  His Magnificence, the Dean Doco Proffus, Flipsham Egwar

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