Saturday, September 19, 2009

Players Welcome

I have been having a continuing influx of new players into my campaign. This is a good thing, and I have been loving DMing for larger groups than I am used to, but it is getting harder to get the new players up to speed the longer the campaign has progressed. The players have learned an awful lot of history and have made many friends and enemies. We either end up taking some time at the beginning of the session rehashing recent adventures, or (if I am forewarned about the new player) I send them an email with some general background and a quick summary of the party's exploits to date. Either way, important information is invariably missed and the sessions get put on pause when something comes up and we realize that the new player has no idea what is going on.

This, combined with the fact that everything I have posted on this blog so far is now common knowledge to the players, has led me to realize that I am missing a golden opportunity. From here on out, I am referring new players to this blog. I will also be posting new material with this in mind, so my next few posts will probably be more along the lines of a general introduction to my campaign. This also means that I will not be posting information that has not been uncovered by the players yet, so the campaign timeline will remain incomplete for the time being. I was planning on talking about what causes the mutations in my game, but that will also have to wait.


  1. Hi Carl,

    Love what you're doing with the blog. I'll be up to speed by the time I make a Friday night session. Thanks for all your work!


  2. Good to hear, Tony! I don't want to overwhelm anyone with a book of information to wade through before their first session. On the other hand, knowing what is going on is always a good thing when you are joining a new group. This way I can steer new players to a single spot and they can do as much or as little "homework" as they want to. I don't really mind filling in someone at the table, but this seems like a better plan.

    At this point there are 12 people (counting yourself) rotating in to my game. I love it!



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