Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Art

Well, this post has nothing to do with Mutant Future at all. I didn't feel like creating a new blog, so I hereby declare that I can post anything I want on this blog by the power invested in me by blogspot. I am sure the majority of my posts will continue to be about my Mutant Future campaign because I am running weekly sessions that range from 4 to 7 hours so there is obviously a ton of material getting generated.

Today I wanted to post a few drawings that I have done recently, two monster drawings for the very interesting site (I also did two maps for that site, the Fungus Forest and the Saint's Shrine) and an interior illustration for the upcoming Stonehell release that Mike over at The Society of Torch, Pole and Rope is working on. I am also working on another drawing for Mike that is unfinished as of yet, which I may post here later. It has been years since I drew anything other than doodles in the margins of my notes in class or strange things on the whiteboard in my office, so I am rather pleased with how these turned out.

1 comment:

  1. those are cool! I like the slimy/mushroomy one in particular.



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